Product İntroduction

Hello, information of our products;

We have 2 types of tents opening in the side direction and opening upwards.

Measure:140×115. Open measure:140×210


Measure: 120×210. Open measure: 120×210

HIGH: 1 Meters



Thickness: 32cm Bed sponge thickness : 8cm

Door canopy: Standard


Glass canopy ( OPTİON )
Winter isolation ( OPTİON )


# It’s take a day to make a tent.
# Waterproof as it undergoes 2600 millimeter water pressure test
# We use special RIPS fabric to make
# Weighs 55-60 kilos ( May vary depending on paint thickness )
# Keyed stainless lock, encrypted keychain
# Complete stainless steel
# Waterproof rubber lock ( top quality )